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NM4221: Writing For Health Communication and New Media: Main


The purpose of the NM4221 LibGuide is to help you navigate through the variety of resources subscribed by NUS Libraries that you would need for your research. The LibGuide also contains tips for conducting research on social media, how to conduct a survey and where to find statistics. If you need more help, please contact the librarians on the rightmost columns. :)

Watch Me!

Need some inspiration? Below, you will find videos of ads related to health communication. Click on the grey tabs above for ads of different health campaigns.

HPB Youth Mental Health

Source: Health Promotion Board

Mental Health Anti Stigma PSA Friends

Source: (Defunct)

PSA Campaign for Mental Health Problems and Awareness

Source: SAMHSA

Mental Health Ad

Source: (Defunct)

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2011

Source: Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health

Don't Cover Up Your Problems Ad

Source: Public Health Agency (Ireland)

(Anti-Drugs) "Crazy" Ad

Source: Office of National Drug Control Policy Partnership for a Drug-Free America

(Anti-Drug) "Crazy" Ad Parody

(Anti-Smoking) Kids Ask For Light Ad
This Thai ad was originally filmed using real actors on the streets

Source: Thai Health Promotion Foundation

(Anti-Smoking) Live It Up Without Lighting Up Ad

Source: Health Promotion Board

(Anti-Smoking) Don't Age Before Your Time

Source: Health Promotion Board

Binge Drinking - Your Night. Your Choice.

Source: Norfolk Constabulary, U.K. (2009)

(Binge Drinking) It Starts With An Excuse

Source: Oregon Liquor Control Commission

(Binge Drinking) You Wouldn't Start A Night Like This Ad

Source: Home Office, U.K. (2008)

(Binge drinking) You Wouldn't Start A Night Like This Ad - Female Version

Source: Home Office, U.K. (2008)

(Binge Drinking) You Wouldn't Start A Night Like This - Male Version

Source: Home Office, U.K. (2008)

Eating Disorder Ad

Source: Fresh & Free

Eating Disorders Kill. Don't Ignore the Signs Ad

Source: (Defunct)

Don't Let A Scale Measure Your Worth Ad


Let's Get Active! Ad

Source: Health Promotion Board minutes Ad

Source: Health Promotion Board

It's Never Just HIV Ad

Source: NYC Health

Get Tested for Chlamydia Ad

Source: National Health Service

Get Tested for STIs Ad

Source: New South Wales Government, Sydney

Get tested for HIV Ad
Staying Alive initiative is now the world’s largest HIV mass media awareness and prevention campaign, and it aims to reduce HIV infections among young people globally.

Source: MTC Staying Alive

Lou the Tooth Fairy: Oral Health Checkups

Source: The Mighty Mouth

2MIN2X Campaign: Decorating Little Brother

Source: Ad Council

2MIN2X Campaign: Gerbils on a Train

Source: Ad Council

Corsodyl - Ignore

Source: Grey London

Listerine Kabe-Don

Source: Listerine Hong Kong

A Child's First Dentist Visit

Source: My Kid's Dentist

Some writing on Oral Health

  1. Kid's guide to brushing and flossing
  2. Healthy Living

NM4221 Library Session

HealthHub SG

Visit the Ministry of Health's Health Hub today to discover useful health information and articles.


Social Media and Health

Some interesting stats and facts on social media and health care. Did you know?


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