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Historical Sources of Singapore Law: Reference Sources

Judicial Dictionaries

Legal Abbreviations

Identify journal abbreviations using one of these online or print sources:

* most comprehensive for Singapore resources

Legal Encyclopaedias

The key legal encyclopaedia for Singapore is the Halsbury's Laws of Singapore*. However, valuable information can also be obtained from other encyclopaedias listed below:


The main legal digest for Singapore, Mallal's Digest, provides summaries of reported decisions, and a selection of unreported decisions for Singapore and Malaysia from 1808.

Citators (Print)

Use the following citators to note-up case law:

Citators (Online)

Use LawNet:

Search for the case you wish to note-up, e.g. Ang Sunny v Public Prosecutor. Case treatment is indicated just above the case name by the words "Following", "Referring", "Distinguishing", etc. Click on each section to the see the listing of cases.

Alternatively, search under "Case References" on the left panel of the screen for annotating cases.