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FindMore Bookmarklet: What, why & how?

Go from Wikipedia or any other webpage to related articles in our library collection using FindMore@NUSL Search

What is a FindMore bookmarklet?

A bookmark that uses the title of the page you are on to do a search in FindMore@NUSL, the library default search.

Ever visited a web page and wanted to find more information, from the academic or popular press, on the same subject? This bookmarklet will automatically search using FindMore@NUSL for the title of the page you are visiting. (You can edit the query if you like, to remove or add other keywords.)

Say, for example, you're on the Wikipedia page for Japanse Occupation of Singapore. You want to quickly find scholarly articles about the topic. Click the bookmarklet and you're given a box to edit the search query:



Click "OK" and you're taken to an FindMore@NUSL search results page for that same query:


 If you are using Google Scholar, please use the following official method of accessing full-text instead.

 If you are using PubMed, please use the following official method of accessing full-text instead.


This bookmarklet is based on a similar one developed by Barbara Arnett and Valerie Forrestal at the Stevens Institute of Technology's S.C. Williams Library.

Page design is based ona a similar one developed by Ken Varnum at University of Michigan Library.

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