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NM2104 Qualitative Communication Research Methods: Main

Library Tutorial

Date     :   22 January 2014 (Wed)

Time    :   12.30 pm - 1.00 pm

Venue :    UT-SRC-LT52

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Group Project

This LibGuide is written to support your group project work.  

You would need to use the library's subscribed databases to look for literature, particularly journal articles, on your chosen topic.

This NM2104 LibGuide introduces you to -

1. Boolean logic needed in order to search databases effectively.

2. some ways for you to locate the full-text of journal articles from lbrary resources.

3. a tip for locating full-text of articles quickly, ie, usig the library's proxy mbookmarklet.

4.  EndNote - a software to store and manage, as well as to create the bibliography for your written paper.

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Communications & New Media