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A guide to resources in Chinese Linguistics.
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CH5210 Reading List 词汇语义学参考书目 Print Page

CH5210 Reading List 词汇语义学参考书目 (AY2011/2012,...

请以IVLE里的“CH5210 词汇语义学”课程大纲为准。
如是闭架书目(Closed-stack books),请网上预借。

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Cover Art
Lexical Semantics - Cruse, D. A.
Call Number: P325 Cru
ISBN: 0521276438

Lexical Semantics is about the meaning of words. Although obviously a central concern of linguistics, the semantic behaviour of words has been unduly neglected in the current literature, which has tended to emphasize sentential semantics and its relation to formal systems of logic. In this textbook D. A. Cruse establishes in a principled and disciplined way the descriptive and generalizable facts about lexical relations that any formal theory of semantics will have to encompass. Among the topics covered in depth are idiomaticity, lexical ambiguity, synonymy, hierarchical relations such as hyponymy and meronymy, and various types of oppositeness. Syntagmatic relations are also treated in some detail. The discussions are richly illustrated by examples drawn almost entirely from English. Although a familiarity with traditional grammar is assumed, readers with no technical linguistic background will find the exposition always accessible. All readers with an interest in semantics will find in this original text not only essential background but a stimulating new perspective on the field.

Also can be viewed online:

Cover Art
Natural language semantics - Allan, Keith
Call Number: P325 All
ISBN: 0631192964

Cover Art
How children learn the meanings of words - Bloom, Paul
Call Number: P118 Blo
ISBN: 0262024691

Cover Art
Lexical pragmatics. Journal of Semantics - Blutner, Reinhard
Call Number: P325 JS v15 1998
Journal article:
Blutner, Reinhard. (1998). Lexical pragmatics. Journal of Semantics 15:115–62.

Cover Art
WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database - Christiane Fellbaum
Call Number: P325.5 Dat.W
ISBN: 026206197X

Cover Art
Linguistic semantics - Frawley, William
Call Number: P325 Frw
ISBN: 0805810749

Cover Art
Word meaning - Hudson, Richard A.
Call Number: PE1585 Hud
ISBN: 0415085659

Cover Art
The structure of a semantic theory. Language (Language : journal of the Linguistic Society of America) - Katz, Jerrold J. and Fodor, Jerry A.
Call Number: P1 L v0039 63 (Stack No.: 43634)
Journal article:
Katz, Jerrold J. and Jerry A. Fodor. (1963). The structure of a semantic theory. Language 39:2/1.170-210.

Cover Art
Women, fire and dangerous things - Lakoff, George
Call Number: P37 Lak
ISBN: 0226468046

Cover Art
Markedness and antonymy. Journal of Linguistics - Lehrer, Adrienne
Call Number: P1 JL v0021 85 (Stack No.: 329827)
Journal article:
Lehrer, Adrienne. (1985). Markedness and antonymy. Journal of Linguistics 21:397-429.

Cover Art
Morphology and lexical semantics - Lieber, Rochelle
Call Number: P245 Lie 2004
ISBN: 0521831717

Cover Art
English verb classes and alternations - Levin, Beth
Call Number: PE1271 Lev
ISBN: 0226475336

Cover Art
Semantics (2 vols.) - Lyons, John
Call Number: P325 Lyo
ISBN: 0521214734

Cover Art
Semantic relations and the lexicon - Murphy, M. Lynne
Call Number: P325 Mur 2003
ISBN: 0521780675

Cover Art
The generative lexicon - Pustejovsky, J . (James)
Call Number: P325 Pus
ISBN: 0262161583

Cover Art
Semantics (2nd edn) - Saeed, John I.
Call Number: P325 Sae 2003
ISBN: 0631226923

Cover Art
Toward a cognitive semantics (2 vols.) - Talmy, Leonard
Call Number: P165 Tal
ISBN: 0262201224

Cover Art
Linguistic categorization : prototypes in linguistic theory (2nd edn) - Taylor, John R.
Call Number: P128 Cat.T
ISBN: 0198700121
3rd edition published in 2003 is not available yet.

Ambiguity, polysemy and vagueness. Cognitive Linguistics - Tuggy, David
Journal Articles:
Tuggy, David. (1993). Ambiguity, polysemy and vagueness. Cognitive Linguistics 4, 273–90.

Cover Art
Contrastive lexical semantics - Edda Weigand
Call Number: P325.5 Com.C
ISBN: 9027236763

Cover Art
Semantics : primes and universals - Wierzbicka, Anna
Call Number: P325.5 Uni.Wi
ISBN: 0198700032

词义的分析与描写 - 符淮靑
Call Number: PL1291 Fhq 2006
ISBN: 7560055265

现代汉语名词词义组合分析 - 王惠
Call Number: PL1232 Wh 2004
ISBN: 7301078358


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