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Digital Scholarship: Research Workstations @ Central Library

Research Workstations

Open to all NUS faculty, students and staff, the Research Workstations can help to enhance your academic research and digital scholarship. Located in the new Collaborative Space at Central Library Level 4, these workstations are equipped with high-end hardware and software for your research needs. There are currently two workstations available for booking. 

CLB04-02A* - Research Workstation (65-inch touchscreen)

CLB04-02B* - Research Workstation (Dual 31-inch screen)

You may collaborate with your friends or colleagues and work in groups at Research Workstation A. Equipped with a 65 inch UHD TV with multi-touch capabilities, you will be able to visualize your data on a large screen, get up close and 'interact' with your work.

Alternatively, you may also work independently at Research Workstation B. Equipped with two 31.5 inch HD monitors, you will be able to run multiple applications simultaneously, allowing you to share and compare information between applications quickly and efficiently.

How to Book!

The research workstations are only available for booking and use during Central Library opening hours, up till half an hour before the library closes.

To use these workstations, you can book them through the Facility Booking System. The process is similar to booking a discussion room at Central Library. To access the booking system, go to our library portal and under the "Quick Links" box, click on Facilities Booking.

  • Login in using your NUSNET Id and password.
  • Select 'General Facility'
  • Under "Choose Venue", select either "CLB-04-02A* - Research Workstation (65-inch touchscreen)"or "CLB-04-02B* - Research Workstation (Dual 31-inch screen)" based on your research requirements
  • Select a date for booking by clicking on the orange icon.
  • Select a time for your booking. Please take note of Central Library's opening hours.
  • Fill in your booking details, read and accept the terms and condition and click submit.

The workstations can currently be booked for 2 hours at one time. Please ensure that the workstation is duly utilized during your reservation(s). If you encounter any problems while booking the workstations, please do contact us so that we can assist you. You can find the contacts of the Digital Scholarship Resource Librarians in the 'Contact Us!' box on the right side of the page.

General Guidelines

General Rules and Guidelines

  • The workstations are for NUS faculty, students or staff who require specialized software and hardware for their academic research or scholarly projects. It should not be used for studying or commercial purposes.
  • If you wish to use the workstations, please book through the Facility Booking System. Users who have made a prior booking will have priority in using the workstation during the designated booking time.
  • Please save all your personal files and data on your own storage device. Files that you have saved on these shared workstations may be accessible to other users. In addition, the workstations go through system refreshes (deletes all user's saved files) on the FIRST of every month.
  • Please do not consume any food or drinks while using the workstations. Only plain water is allowed.

For more information on the usage policy, click here or please refer to the workstation usage guidelines pasted at each of the Research Workstations.

Software Available

The workstations are equipped with specialised software that can help in your research. Here is a list of current available software:

Click on the software names to learn more about the software and access their help platforms.

Opening Hours

The research workstations are available for booking only during the Central Library opening hours, up till half an hour before the library closes.

Contact Us!

For enquiries and assistance on matters concerning Digital Scholarship at NUS Libraries, please contact the following librarians:

Feng Yikang

Ho Cheng Yong, Richard

Ye Yingxin, Estella