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Electrical & Computer Engineering: Main


This subject guide covers resources available at the NUS Libraries. This is not a comprehensive subject guide, but rather a selective list of materials that are most useful for locating information in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

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  • Journals & Databases: Recommended databases and high impact journals for searching journal articles.
  • Theses, Standards & Patents: A quick guide to finding dissertations/theses, standards and patents.
  • Books & More: Includes RBR, E-books and recommended reference books.
  • Websites: Contains a list of relevant associations and internet resources.
  • Research & Citation: A brief introduction on citing, citation styles, bibliographic management, etc.
  • Library Materials: Libraries' training materials can be found in this tab.

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Subject Classification for Electrical & Computer Engineering

SubjectClass/Call Number
Computer Science (General)QA 74 - 74.6
Computers (General), electronic data processing, computer software, etc.QA 75.5 - 76.95
Machine theoryQA 267 - 268.5
ElectricityQC 501 - 721
NanotechnologyT 174.7
Computer GraphicsT 385
Engineering instrumentsTA 165 - 328
Engineering mathematicsTA 329 - 348
Electrical Engineering (General)TK 1 -1000
TelecommunicationTK 5101 - 5105.9
ElectronicsTK 7800 - 7895
Computer engineeringTK 7885 - 7895
Optoelectronic devicesTK 8300 - 9000

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Library orientation and training are conducted by NUS librarians every semester.

Library Session Date Time Venue Remarks
FYP Hands-on session 1 27 Aug 2015 12 pm to 1.30 pm Central Library Training Room Registration link will be provided later
FYP Hands-on session 2 01 Sep 2015 12 pm to 1.30 pm Central Library Training Room Registration link will be provided later


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Latest information in the area of Electrical & Computer Engineering:

Resource Librarian

Poh Lay TAN
NUS Central Library
Phone: +65 6601 2307

Resource Librarian

Chee Yong NG
NUS Central Library
Phone: +65 6516 2021