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E-Resources, Databases, E-Journals, RBR, Exam Papers: E-Resources


E-Resources are part of the “Invisible Web” which is essentially information accessible through the Internet but normally cannot be found on Google. Most E-Resources are not freely available to everyone on the World Wide Web (exceptions are free or Open Access resources) and they may not appear on search engines like Google.

Most E-Resources subscribed by the NUS libraries contain password-protected Web contents which are available only to staff and students generally via the Library portal or library search systems like FindMore.

If you try to access E-Resources without going through the library portal, you may not be able to authenticate and gain access to the resource. Workarounds for this include the following:

An E-resource may be available in the following formats:

  • A bibliographic or full text database that allows you to search for relevant articles in your subject area
  • A book, journal or newspaper that has been made available in electronic format
  • A set of web pages

To access e-Resources via the Library portal: