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E-Resources, Databases, E-Journals, RBR, Exam Papers: E-Journals

What is an E-Journal?

An electronic journal is a journal title which is reproduced in electronic format. The E-journal duplicates the original print version  including advertisements, cover, back, the order of the articles, etc.

An E-journal can only be searched across its volumes and issues, or the complete run. When you search an electronic journal, you are searching one journal source for information on your subject matter.

How to access E-journals from the Library portal?

1. At the Library portal,  select the LINC tab and search for an E-journal title as shown below:

2. From the FindMore tab:


[FAQS] Problems accessing E-resources?

A specific e-resource seems to be down? Check to see if it has been reported.

Due to strict licensing agreements, e-resources usage is strictly for current NUS students and staff only. 

Access should be via your NUSNET ID and password (same as accessing your NUS email). 

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