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RBR (Reserved Books/Readings) collection

Library materials which are in high demand are kept in the RBR (Reserve Books / Readings) collection. You can borrow RBR materials for two-hour loan periods. If you wish to borrow an RBR material overnight, collect the item two hours before the library closes. RBR materials borrowed overnight must be returned:                                                                                

  • within one hour after the library opens the next working day
  • to the loan counter of the library where it was borrowed    .

A fine of $1.00 per hour is charged for an RBR overdue loan.

In Central Library, the RBR collection is a self-service section where you can personally retrieve and check out the RBR item as shown in the video below.

How do I search for RBR materials for a particular module?

 You can now search for RBR titles in FindMore@NUSL .

1. At the Library portal (, select the "RBR" tab. Enter the module code (e.g ME2113) and select "Course number" from the drop-down menu:

You cna also search for RBR titles by individual lecturer's name.

 For more information, go to our FAQ pages for RBR and E-Reserves.



E-Reserves are electronic readings recommended by teaching staff for a particular module. These include:
a) book chapters
b) journal articles

You can download E-Reserves  which are available either in PDF or hyperlinks to electronic resources subscribed by NUS Libraries. E-Reserves are published in designated module pages created by teaching staff in IVLE. Note that E-Reserves are only accessible to staff and students who are registered in a particular module.

For more on E-Reserves, go to our FAQ pages for E-Reserves.

FAQ on E-Reserves

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