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How do I find journal articles?: Main

How do you get the articles you need?

This guide helps you to locate fulltexts of journal articles found in the following sources:

  • reading lists and bibliographies
  • Google/Google Scholar
  • indexing databases (e.g. Business Source Premier, Scopus and PsycInfo)

 If instead you are looking for articles on a certain topic to complete your assignment, thesis or research, read this instead.

From reading lists and bibliographies

1.  For citations found in reading lists, check IVLE to see if it is listed under E-reserves. 

2.  Sometimes a journal article in a reading list may be directly linked to a subscribed E-journal.

3.  If 1 & 2 do not apply, you will need to locate the journal article manually. This also applies to locating fulltexts from bibliographies.

From Google Scholar

After searching Google/Google Scholar, you may be directed to a page  where you can download the fulltext but you are required to pay. Or you may receive a link that brings you to the online article but you are unable to download.

1. Try installing the proxy bookmarklet to retrieve fulltext. This works only for source titles that are within the NUS Libraries' subscirption.

2. If the above does not work, you can set up the "Find It @ NUS Libraries" link in Google Scholar to directly access fulltexts as shown in the video below:

From indexing databases

1.  Some databases (e.g. Business Source Premiere) have full-text journal articles within the database. If so, you can get the article (usually as a PDF) directly from of the database:

2.  Some indexing databases provide links to fulltexts.  In the Scopus example below, click on the "View at publisher" menu to retrieve the fulltext:

3.  If the "View at Publisher" link is not available or it does not work, select the "Find It! @NUS Libraries" to check if the journal title is available in the Library:

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