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This subject guide covers resources available at the NUS Libraries. This is not a comprehensive subject guide, but rather a selective list of materials that are most useful for locating information in Materials Science & Engineering.

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Subject Classification for Materials Science & Engineering

Subject Class/Call Number
Properties of matter and antimatter (General) QC173.28-173.458
Solids. Solid state physics QC176-176.9
Semiconductor physics QC610.9-611.8
Metals (Chemistry) QD171-172
Polymers. Macromolecules QD380-388
Solids. Solid state chemistry QD478
Biomaterials R857
Materials of engineering and construction TA401-404.5
Specific characteristics of materials TA404.8-418.84
Materials of special composition or structure (including composites, nanomaterials, thin films) TA418.9
Non-metallic materials TA418.95-455.2
Ceramic materials TA430
Artificial materials TA431-446
Pipes of cement, concrete, and clay TA447
Plastic pipes TA448
Glass TA450-454
Other non-metallic materials (including ceramics, polymers) TA455-458
Metals TA459-492
Electric apparatus and materials TK452-454.4
Semiconductors TK7871.85-7871.99
Materials (General) TK7871-7871.15
Metallurgy TN600-799
Nonmetallic minerals TN799.5-948
Polymers and polymer manufacture TP1080-1185
Metal manufactures. Metalworking TS200-TS770

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