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New to NUS Guide: Research tools

Search Tools

If you don't have the habit of starting your search on the library website, the following tools will help make access to library resources (including subscribed journals and or checking of availability of books in our library) easier. You can use one or all together.

Proxy Bookmarklet  - Use this when you are on a site asking you to pay for access

Google Scholar + NUS Libraries  - Use this with Google Scholar to gain access to full text with one click



To go even further and find full text via Google Scholar on any page, install the Lazy Scholar Chrome Addon.

Search Plugin - Use this to search for library resources from any page in your browser 

Libx browser plugin (beta) - the ultimate library search tool,  combines the functions of the proxy bookmarklet, browser plugins and more - making access to library resources easy without visiting the library homepage.

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Research Tools

FindMore@NUSL search service  - Jumpstart your search, books + most of our onlne articles in one search. (Learn more

Databases - Start with a subject specific database for a focused search. (Learn more)

Google Scholar - Search for scholarly material on Google. (Learn how to access full-text)

Compare the 3 options

Search or Browse by material type -  BooksJournal ArticlesThesesMedia Materials & more

Mobile apps  - Need a quick search on your mobile phone? 

Alert services - Alert services for new library acquisitions

Get EndNote X7 from: 

EndNote is a software that:

  • stores and organizes references found from many sources
  • inserts these references into a Word document automatically formats your references according to a predefined citation style and more! 

If you're new to EndNote, check out the following guides:

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