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Proxy Bookmarklet: Installation on desktop/laptop

Use the Library proxy bookmarklet to access fulltext of links obtained directly from external websites (e.g. google scholar, google, email alerts)

How to install the proxy bookmarklet in the browser?


This page will show you how to create a special proxy bookmarklet for different browsers.

Once this is done, you can then use the proxy bookmarklet on any journal or database page e.g JSTOR or ScienceDirect pages.


 If you are using Google Scholar, please use the following official method of accessing full-text instead.

 If you are using PubMed, please use the following official method of accessing full-text instead.

Both methods can give more reliable and accurate access to full-text in some cases.  

Do not use the proxy bookmarklet on *this* page, it will not work as it is not a database or journal page and the proxy does not work with it.

In the instructions below it usually requires that you RIGHT CLICK instead of doing the normal (left) click to set up the bookmark. If you see the following error, it means you have not right clicked, but have instead chosen to use the proxy bookmarklet on this page.

"You are trying to access a resource that the library proxy service has not been configured to work with. Please send an email with the following information to We will get back to you shortly. 1. URL:"


Please note that this method does not work 100% reliably on all databases and sources. An article may also be available in multiple locations, aggregators.  If the proxy bookmark does not work, to confirm for sure whether an article is available see


For Internet Explorer:

  1. Right click on this link <NUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet>.
  2. Select "Add to Favorites".
  3. If you wish to add to "Links", go to "Favourites" and drag and drop the bookmarklet to "Links".

Note: Alternative installation method

  1. Click (hold) and drag the link to the "Links" toolbar.
  2. If a warning message: "You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" appears, click "Yes" to continue.
  3. If the "Links" toolbar is not visible in the web browser, go to View->Toolbars menu of the browser to enable it.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Right click on this link <NUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet>
  2. Select "Bookmark This Link". Or click and drag the link to the "Bookmarks" toolbar.

For Safari:

  1. Click (hold) and drag this link <NUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet> to the "Bookmarks" bar.

For Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome: click and drag this link <NUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet> to the Bookmark Bar. If you don't see your Bookmark Bar, click on Options -> Settings -> at Appearance section, check Always show Bookmark Bar or Press Ctrl + Shift + B 

For Microsoft Edge:

  1. You need to first save the bookmarklet into Internet Explorer or Chrome, then import the favorites into Edge. If you have existing favorites in Edge, you would need to delete them before re-importing.

For Mac users

   If you are having problems doing drag and drop in Safari or Chrome safari, do the following

      1. Create a new bookmark of any page.

      2. Go into the browser and edit the name and the URL of the bookmarklet you just created. The name can be anything you choose but the URL should be the following


For other alternative browsers (e.g Opera):

        1. In theory you can use any of the links above (e.g the link for Firefox) to create a bookmarklet as per the normal steps for that browser. However the library and most library databases from vendors do not officially support alternative browsers, so it is not advisable to surf library resources using these browsers. Even if the proxy bookmarklet works other problems might crop up.

Proxy Bookmarklet

The proxy bookmarklet allows you to directly access full text of E-resources via the subscription of NUS.  The video below shows how to install and use proxy bookmarklet to access full text of a reference obtained from a Google Scholar search. Please note that this will work for most but not all sites.

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