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Library Search Plugins & Library Libx (BETA): Libx

Installing Libx Toolbar

Supports only Firefox and Chrome.

For Firefox

1. To install Libx Toolbar for Firefox, go to

For Chrome

1. To install Libx Toolbar for Chrome, go to


Libx (experimental)

Libx is a browser plugin or addon that allows you to surf the web and quickly check for availability , of journal articles (similar to proxy bookmarklet) but also books, DVDs in NUS Libraries collection with one click without going back to the library portal. It supports only Firefox and Chrome browsers. To install.

It has many functions that save you time including

1. It recognises unique identifiers like ISBN, ISSN, DOIs, PMIDs that uniquely indentify books, journals, articles and articles on pubmed respectively. If it encounters such IDs on a webpage it will automatically convert it to a clickable hotlink, then when clicked or moused over will search our library to see if we have access.

Mouse over ISBNs to see if the book is available, example below is from Amazon.

Mouse-over PMIDs, DOIs and check to see if article is available, example below is from PubMed

2. You can right click on any page, and add the library proxy to it. This is a similar function to the  proxy bookmarklet. In addition, you can right click on any link, and add the proxy to it before visiting it.

3. If you click on the libx button, you can search using the library search directly from the page. This is similar function to the search plugin. There are also links to the most useful library services including the library chat service where you can ask your question for a instant answer.


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