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Architecture Research Methodology: Main

This guide is relevant to Y4 and M.Arch students embarking on dissertation writing.

Doing a lit review?

As dissertation writing is now an elective for Architecture students, please email me if you want to meet me re. literature review of academic sources and archival research. Let me know your research topic as a starting point for discussion; a list of research questions would be much better, but I'm happy to just have a chat.    

Locating items in NUS Libraries

In all NUS Libraries, we use the Library of Congress classification scheme, and these are some Subject Headings you will use to locate materials relevant to your study:

N class: Fine arts

NA 1-NA 9428: Architecture

NK 1-NK 9990: Decorative arts, including interior design

HT 51-HT 65: Human settlements and communities

HT 101-HT 178: City planning; urban renewal and development

HT 330-HT 395: Urbanization; metropolitan and suburban areas

SB 469-SB 486: Landscape architecture and gardening; parks

TH 845-TH 4977: Building construction, methods, materials and technology-related

Tools to locate Full-Texts


This subject guide covers resources available mainly at NUS Libraries. This is a selective list of research materials for students enrolled in the former module 'AR5011 Research Methodology', and those who are writing a 'directed/independent' research paper.

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This Resource Guide is under review. If you have any queries, please contact us at this page.