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EndNote: Creating an EndNote Library

EndNote (EN) is a software for managing references. It can automate the many tedious steps involved in organizing and formatting the references and bibliographies in your academic writing. EndNote Web (ENW) is the web version of EN, with fewer features.

Creating an EndNote Library


The first step of using EndNote is to create an EndNote Library.

We recommend  that you create just 1 EndNote Library for all your papers and projects, unless you wish to share your EndNote Library for collaboration purposes.

To Create an EndNote Library:

1. Open up the EndNote Program

2. Click on File --> New and enter a file name before saving it

Two files will be created, a XXX.enl file and a XXX.Data folder. Please keep the file and folder in the same location, if not EndNote will not be able to function properly:

Create an EndNote Library (Mac)

Likewise for the Mac Version of Endnote X8, we recommend having only 1 EndNote library for all your papers and project.

The Mac version of EndNote X8 allows you to save your EndNote Library as a single Package File. Note that only Mac versions of EndNote will be able to read the single Package File.

To Create an EndNote Library Package:

1. Open up the EndNote Program

2. Click on File --> New and enter a file name

3. Select Save as a Package before saving your EndNote Library Package


A single XXX.enlp file will be created. That will be your EndNote Package file.

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