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EndNote: Main

EndNote (EN) is a software for managing references. It can automate the many tedious steps involved in organizing and formatting the references and bibliographies in your academic writing. EndNote Web (ENW) is the web version of EN, with fewer features.

Latest issues (usually technical)


Users on Windows 10  
  • Endnote 20 is available for download on Software Center utility from 28 July 2021
  • Missing Import filters or getting error messages when importing a .RIS file into Endnote? See the note below on Repairing the installation
  • Although EN 20 is optimised for 64-bit machines, it works on 32-bit machines too. A conversion of existing EN libraries required once you install EN 20 may be needed

If you are a NUS staff or student, and your EN X9 was obtained
from NUS IT, you may need to 'Repair' the installation at the Control Panel Or Settings to restore all the associated folders for EN X9

If you have EN 20, you do not have to do this.

Users on MacOS

  • Endnote X9 (version X9.3.3) is NOT compatible on the new BigSur OS. See here
  • Endnote 20 is available for MacOS users in NUS from 18 July 2021. You should be at least on the Catalina OS to install EN 20
  • Installed EN 20 on your new MacBook Pro but it doesn't work with MS Word? See here


Training Sessions and Tutorials

There will be no Endnote workshop in late 2021. If you need a customised Endnote class for Systematic Review, please contact the Medical Library.

Training Schedule:

Date Time Location F2F class
Feb 2022 tbc tbc tbc
tbc tbc tbc tbc



What's EndNote

EndNote is a reference management software that:

  • stores and organizes references found from many sources
  • inserts these references into a Word document 
  • automatically formats your references according to a predefined citation style, and more! 


Endnote 20 is available from NUS IT. Check out the installation tab of this guide.


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