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Architecture Research Methodology: Databases

This guide is relevant to Y4 and M.Arch students embarking on dissertation writing.

About Databases

Databases are a good for indepth research. They may contain articles in journals, papers in conference proceedings, newspapers, chapters in books, reports and reviews.


Also relevant but more specialised databases


Statistics databases

These are free and paid databases, maintained by either commercial outfits or by international agencies like the UN, WTO, World Bank etc,

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)


Our World in Data (

To aim of the site is to make available "Research and Data to make progress against the world's largest problems", and the main themes are Poverty, Disease, Hunger, Climate Change, War, Existential Risks and Inequality. The datasets are generally at regional, country and sometimes at city level, which makes it easier to do comparisons, but look out that you are using the same comparative years. Many of the datasets can be downloaded and re-used but do check if there are terms and conditions that apply for the dataset you want to use.

Singapore Statistics, aka SingStats (

For statistics on most aspects of Singapore after 1992, this is your to-go site. Use the Singstats Table Builder feature to build the datasets you need as the data comes from over 60 government agencies, and part of the challenge is figuring out which agency does what. This is where you should consult a librarian at NUS Libraries, or your supervisor.