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Industrial Design: Databases

For DID students embarking on further research.

About Databases

Databases are a good for indepth research. They may contain articles in journals, papers in conference proceedings, newspapers, chapters in books, reports and reviews.

Statistics databases

These are free and paid databases, maintained by either commercial outfits or by international agencies like the UN, WTO, World Bank etc,

Web of Science

ACM Digital Library

IEEE Explore

Market research databases

Passport (formerly known as GMID) Good starting database for market research (consumer segments, geographical regions), industries and companies that deal with consumer goods. Its former name, Global Marketplace Information Database, gives you a better idea of what constitutes in this resource.

OneSource is another resource containing information about companies, key executives and industries across Asia-Pacific. Also available are competitve and comparative information among multinational companies.

JSTOR (Specialised collections)