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Pharmacy: Databases

Resources on Pharmacy


Databases are a good a place to begin research. They may contain articles in journals, papers in conference proceedings, newspapers, chapters in books, reports and reviews.

To facilitate writing up your assignment, report or paper -- citing reference as you write -- before you start your database search, do check out how to import (download) your citations to a bibliographic management software like EndNote.

NUS staff and students access the databases via Library Portal to take advantage of the seamless links to subscribed full-text of the articles.

Most databases allow you to register to receive email alerts of new articles. To access the full-text from the article links listed in your email alerts, you will have to install the Proxy Bookmarklet.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Related Databases

      To attend Online Training materials on using Micromedex, visit the Micromedex Training webpage.

      Click here to download the Quick Reference Guide.

      Below are links to short videos on Micromedex: 

            This short video by Ivan Chong from IBM provides an overview of how to use Micromedex

            Register to view this training video which consists of 11 lessons. You may pick and choose lessons of interest to you. Total view time for

            this video is approximately 24 min

            This short video from University of South Alabama provides an overview of basic drug search, IV Compatibility search and Drug

            Interaction search 



Science Related Databases

Patent Databases