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Marketing: Market research

Find out how to search for market information using secondary sources of information

Market Research Databases

  • This is the first database I will start with for market research reports on consumer products.
  • It provides statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.
  • Contains data and analysis on consumer lifestyles, population trends, and socioeconomic analysis.


  • Daily views, reports & strategic content, data and forecast on various industries like real estate, retail, etc can be found here.
  • Good coverage in Asian markets.

  • Gives market research and technical development reports for technology industries such as wastewater management, etc.
  • Asian markets are not as well covered it should be.


Business Source Premier

  • Business Source Premier has market research reports and industry profiles. Mostly Datamonitor reports - but the basic ones only.
  • Use it to look for product reviews or industry profiles to complement Passport's reports.

The access for Gartner is up now. To login, please click on Gartner link in LINC or Library Portal.

First time users must register to give Gartner permission to collect your name and NUS email whenever you login to Gartner in the future. After registering, it will take up to 24 hours for Gartner to update their whitelist. Subsequently using the same link should let you login to the database. Should you encounter any issues with accessing Gartner after registering, please email us for assistance at  .


Newspaper Databases

  • It doesn't have market research reports, but you can look for bits of market information such as market share, etc.
  • Great for updating the market research reports you retrieved from Passport, Frost and Sullivan with the latest information on trends and technological developments.


Access to 6,000 titles in news, business and legal information. Includes full text coverage of industry and market news, company financial information, accounting information, law reviews, state and country profiles from newspapers, wire services, magazines and trade journals, and U.S. federal and state case law.

Can't figure out whether to use * or ? as a truncation symbol?

Check this out: Nexis Uni® Support & Training. Useful search tips can be found there!

Internet sites

Here are some useful websites:

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