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Research Methodologies: Check References

Locate full-texts in Scopus

  • At the search results screen, click on the "View at Publisher" menu to access the full-text of a record as shown below.


  • Note that the full-text is available only if a journal title is subscribed by NUS Libraries or is available in Scopus. You may not, however, be able to view full-texts after clicking on the "View at Publisher" menu because the particular journal is not available in the electronic format. You can still check if the hard copy is available in the Library by simply clicking on the LINC menu as follows:

  • When the  "View at Publisher" as well as "LINC" menus are not available, select the "Abstract on CSA" to view the abstract  via the provider, CSA Illumina as shown below: 

  One of the databases hosted by CSA Illumina is Sociological Abstracts.

Locate full-texts in Sociological Abstracts

  • Sociological Abstracts  provides references and abstracts to materials with no links to full-texts as illustrated below:

  •  You will have to search  the source title in LINC+ to retrieve the required full-text.

Locating full texts in the enhanced Library catalogue LINC+

  • In LINC+, enter the source title in the search box as follows:


  • Below is the full record of the journal title in LINC+:


  • You can access full-text electronically by clicking on the "View the electronic version (full-text) via... ". Additional electronic access (e.g. back issues) is also available via other aggregators like JSTOR, Wiley, etc.
  • Click on the "Show all " menu to locate printed volumes kept in Bound Journals and Closed Stacks sections.

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