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Research Methodologies: Write & Cite

Why and What to Cite?

Why Cite?

  • Provides evidence for your arguments and adds credibility to your work. It shows that you have sought out and considered a variety of viewpoints on a given topic.
  • To help readers find your sources. It allows them to go through some of the steps you took to reach your conclusions.
  • To show your teachers the work that you have done.
  • Helps avoid charges of plagiarism.

What kind of sources should you cite?

  • Direct quotations from a book, article, film, letter, email, lecture, etc.
  • Ideas you draw from a source but present entirely in your own words.
  • Paraphrases and summaries of books, journal articles, pamphlets.
  • Single words, short phrases, sentences and longer passages quoted from books or articles used.
  • Statistics.

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