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NM4219: New Media in Health Communication: Social Media Monitoring

Introduction on Searching Twitter

Twitter is an easy to use quick microblogging tool. You can search on Twitter itself or use a variety of platforms to get information on certain events or companies. Twitter now has an Advanced Search option to search for tweets. You can search using boolean terms (e.g. and, or, but not), hastags (e.g. #healthy365 or #warondiabetes), sentiments etc. on specific twitter accounts from various date ranges. 

Try out the Twitter Advanced Search now! You may also try TwitterFall or Backtweets for other ways of searching Twitter. Read more about them below! You may require a twitter account for some functions.


For real-time following of Live events: TwitterFall

1) Log in with your Twitter account to 

2) Enter in your search terms and watch the tweets cascade onto your screen. You can add and remove search terms as necessary and also adjust the flow of the tweets on your screen.


In the past, Twitter did not have a search system in place that would search for older tweets. Third party applications were created to do just that. The application below is one of many.


1) Go to and search for usernames and hashtags. Even though the scope is quite limited, it can still give you some idea of the tweets.

Healthcare Hashtag Project

Hashtags are an important element of social media. To get to know the hashtags being used in health communication, you can use the Healthcare Hashtag Project.

To search, simply type in a health-related term into the search box, e.g. childhood obesity.

Search Healthcare Hashtag Project

You will be able to retrieve hashtags related to the topic as well as  the screen names of Influencers of the topic.

Results of searching Healthcare Hashtag Project

Social media monitoring tools

For more social media monitoring tools, check out these two guides. Most of these services require you to sign in with your Twitter / Facebook account.