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Guide on Statistical Sources

Databases for statistics

China Data Online

If you need financial statistics on China, this should be your first stop.

Annual Reports of Singapore Companies

An in-house collection of annual reports of Singapore companies on Singapore Exchange (SGX), part of NUS Libraries Singapore-Malaysia Collection (SMC).

Annual reports of Malaysian companies

An in-house collection of annual reports of Malaysia companies on Bursa Saham Malaysia, part of NUS Libraries Singapore-Malaysia Collection (SMC).

International Financial Statistics

Provides international financial statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. Includes statistics on trade, government finance and balance of payments.

EIU CityData

EIU CityData is a market-leading database of global pricing information. EIU CityData contains price data on over 160 products and services in 140 cities worldwide from 1990 to the present day. It provides the most complete picture of global price levels you can find.

OECD iLibrary

OECD- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Provides financial statistics on a number of global financial sectors and aspects.

D&B Business Browser

Provides financial statistics on companies, including SEC Filings and Annual Reports where available. Contains some industry reports.

World Development Indicators

This database provides statistics on the development and economic status of countries.

Databases for Forecasts

Country Forecast

If you need the latest or previous updates on the economic outlook of any particular country or continent, this should be the best database for the job.

Economist Intelligence Unit

Provides an analytical forecast on countries, industries and business.

EIU Viewswire Asia

Provides daily business intelligence for 35 Asian and Australasian countries, including economic, political and financial briefings, and forecasts. (Riskwire reports are not included)


Singapore Statistics

For statistical data on Singapore, please refer to the 'Singapore Statistics' library guide .