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Mendeley - Manage and Share your Research: Insert Citations & Bibliographies

A quick guide on how to use Mendeley to keep track of your research, to quickly and easily cite while writing and how to share your research.

Citations & Bibliography

Mendeley can help you create footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, and bibliographies in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. However for this guide, we will be concentrating on Microsoft Word.

Do not edit the references in your word processor! Always go back to Mendeley to edit the references!

Inserting your Citations and Bibliographies with Mendeley

Mendeley is able to insert citations into Microsoft Word with ease. For Windows version of Microsoft Word, click on References in the ribbon and select Insert Citation:



There will be a pop-up. Key in either the author's name or the title of the reference in the pop-up and choose the correct citation you want to cite and click Ok.


For Mac Microsoft Office, the insert citation is in the Mendeley Toolbar

Mendeley also allows you to easily switch between citation styles. Just simply click on the dropdown box besides Styles and choose the style that you want. If the style you want is not there, simply click on More Styles...


There will be a popup and you can download more citation styles by clicking on Get more Styles and key in the style that you want and install it in Mendeley.

When you are done adding citations, click Insert Bibliography. Mendeley will insert a fully-formatted and alphabetized bibliography in whatever style you have previously chosen.

Do note that the formatting of the bibliography (font, font size, colour etc) is controlled by Microsoft Word.

Page numbers and other information about the item can be added to a citation when you first insert it into your paper.

Additional information can be added to your citations when first adding them to your document. After selecting the citation you want, click on the citation to add the page numbers. After adding the page numbers, press Ok to insert the citation.


You can also add multiple sources in 1 citation. After selecting the first citation, just search for the next citation you want to insert. After you are satisfied with the citations, press OK to insert the citations



To add page numbers or other information to your citation after it's been inserted, place your cursor within the citation and then click the Edit Citation button.


For Mac users, instead of clicking the Edition Citation button, you will have to click on the Insert or Edit Citation button.


Once the windows popup to edit the citation, do the neccessary changes.

As mentioned earlier, when making changes to the bibliographic information, make the changes in the Mendeley Library itself. After making the changes, you will want to click on Refresh to update the citations.

When you finished working with your document, you might want to send it to your supervisor, a journal editor or a close friend. It is advisable to remove Mendeley codes before you send the file to allow your readers to read your document.

In the Mendeley Toolbar, click on the Export button and select the option Without Mendeley Fields. Follow the instructions and the Mendeley codes will be removed from the document.

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