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Language Learning Resources (Yale-NUS College): Italian


Search Terms

You can use the following keywords when searching FindMore or LINC for Italian language resources:

Italian language

Italian language AND composition and exercises

Italian language AND dictionaries

Italian language AND grammar

Italian language AND preposition

Italian language AND readers

Italian language AND self-instruction

Italian language AND study and teaching

Italian language AND textbooks

Italian language AND verb

Italian language AND vocabulary


These are available for reference at the Yale-NUS College Library.

Newspapers and Magazines


Here are some library and online resources to help you improve your reading and listening skills.

Some things to note about this resource list:

The library and online resources are grouped by type: books, newspapers and magazines, online radio stations, websites and other online resources.

You can also use FindMore@NUSL or LINC to search for resources. FindMore searches everything found in the NUS Libraries' catalogue plus online full-text content available from the Libraries' subscribed electronic resources while LINC only searches the NUS Libraries' catalogue. You can start your search using the keywords listed in the Search Terms box.

Still need help? Then Ask a Librarian!


The following books are available at the Yale NUS College Library, or at NUS branch libraries. Please click on the title of the book to access the catalogue record and check its availability.

Websites and Other Online Resources