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Maximum research impact: With a Google Scholar profile

This guide is for faculty, staff and students who would like to increase the impact of their research and I would be happy to get feedback about it.

About Google Scholar

Google Scholar usually shows a larger number of citations for the same paper compared to Scopus, Web of Science and other traditional citation databases. 

Reading Journal Literature

It can be challenging to read scientific journal articles.  The language is dense - and it can get overwhelming quickly!  Watch the following (5 minute!) video to learn the best way to tackle journal articles.  You will learn about the best order to read articles, how to identify the main point, and strategies for taking notes.

Useful Links

Setting up a Google Scholar profile

Setting up a profile enables quick automatic additions of your policy and research publications and you can also Follow yourself - you will get alerts when your publications are cited.

Using your Google Scholar profile to monitor your research impact via citations

Google Scholar provides citation counts that should be verified. 

Google Scholar shows a larger number of citations compared to Scopus and Web of Science. Determine and evaluate the sources of the citations before you use them. The determination can be based on the occasions when you use the citation counts and also the purposes for which you are using them.