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Maximum research impact: Migrating documents among profiles

This guide is for faculty, staff and students who would like to increase the impact of their research and I would be happy to get feedback about it.

Why migrate documents?

Sometimes your documents and research impact counts are already stored in one platform but your funder, institution or publisher requires the information in another platform or file format. Also all platforms are not identical and their different purposes and methods may not be suitable for a particular funder, institution or publisher. Therefore you may need to migrate documents among platforms so that you can calculate and display your research impact on that platform. 

Using ORCID with Publons/ResearcherID in Web of Science

Google Scholar and ORCID

You can export documents from your Google Scholar profile into ORCiD by converting the GS citations into a BibTeX file and then importing the BibTeX file into ORCiD

ORCID and Scopus