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Maximum research impact: Which metric and when?

This guide is for faculty, staff and students who would like to increase the impact of their research and I would be happy to get feedback about it.

To help you choose

There are various metrics listed in this guide and related guides that will help you to measure the impact of your research.

While traditional metrics such as citation counts, impact factor, etc. are very much in use, they may not be completely suitable for all occasions and purposes. You can use different metrics to suit an occasion or purpose: a metric compiled from policy documents to highlight your contributions to government agencies and NGOs, or a suite of altmetrics to raise your profile among the public for example.

In this section are some recommended tools that can help you to choose which metric to use for which purpose. 

Metrics Toolkit "... is a resource for researchers and evaluators that provides guidance for demonstrating and evaluating claims of research impact. With the Toolkit you can quickly understand what a metric means, how it is calculated, and if it’s good match for your impact question." From webpage.