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New to NUS: Practical Essentials

Getting Help from the Library

All students can request to consult your resource librarian. 

Please email us at to setup an appointment or if you have any questions about using the library.

The library also provides other support and services to students.

The list of services and support that we provide can be found at our Teaching and Learning site.

I need help!

During your time at NUS, you may need some additional helping hand. Here are the different services and help you can get during your time in NUS:


What Kind of Help do I Need Who can I approach?
I need help with my writing and oral presentation Centre for English Language Communication
I need help with my finances NUS Financial Aid
I need medical aid NUS University Health Centre
I need to speak to someone about my mental health UHC Counseling Service
I feel down and I need a listening ear Student Wellness
I am a victim of sexual misconduct and I need help Victim Care Unit
I need special assistance Disability Support Office
I need to report a crime or a security incident NUS Office of Campus Security

Libraries you have access to...

The Libraries
Explore cReatIvE Research, Teaching & Learning @
Central Library
Ignite Collective Ideas @
Science Library
Evidence-based Resource @
Medical Library
Get Business Savvy @
Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
Liberal Arts & More @
Yale-NUS College Library
Renowned Collection @
Chinese Library
Ensconce Yourself @
C J Koh Law Library
Tinkle Your Little Tune @
Music Library

NUSNET, Library PIN & Matriculation Card?

NUSNET ID & Password:

When have completed your pre-matriculation, you will be issued with your NUSNET ID and Password. Your NUSNET ID is an important credential as it will provide you access to your NUS email, LumiNUS, past year exam papers and the E-Resources that the library provides.

Your NUSNET ID will like this: EXXXXXXX

If you need assistance with your NUSNET Password, you can change or reset your NUSNET Password at NUS IT.

NUS Student Card & Library PIN:

As a NUS Student, you will receive your NUS Student Card once you have completed matriculation. Your Student Card is an important document on campus and it will be used to identify yourself as a NUS student and it will provide you access to the library and other areas of the campus.




Setting your Library PIN:

One of the first thing you should do after getting your student card is to set your Library PIN. You need your Library PINto borrow books from the self-service machine, check your library account and to renew your books online.

First, head to the page where you login to your library account. You should see an option to Reset your PIN:

Next, key in your Student Card Number. An email will be sent to the NUS email address. Once you have received the email, there should be a link that will allow you to reset your Library PIN. Do note that the link is only valid for 3 hours. On clicking the link, you will need to enter your Student Card Number followed by your new Library PIN,

If you are still unable to access your Library Account after trying to reset your Library PIN, please contact Loans & Membership at or call 6516 2016 for assistance.

Using your NUSNET ID

Your NUSNET ID & Password provides you with access to your life-long NUS email address. This email address is important because it will be the official method that NUS will contact you for various matters. It will also be used to identify yourself as a NUS Alumni for NUS Alumni related events.

You can access your NUS Email and also create a friendly email address so that it is easier for you to share your NUS Email address.

Your NUSNET ID & Password will provide you access to LumiNUS, which is the online blackboard of NUS. Your lecturers will be providing you your assignments and instructions in LumiNUS. Your lecturers will also be providing some of your readings on LumiNUS, which are located in Library Resources.

Library Resources are key book chapters or articles that have been uploaded onto LumiNUS by your lecturers and are required readings for a particular module.

To access the Library Resources in LumiNUS, you will need your NUSNET ID and Password and you will also need to be enrolled in the module.

  1. Head to LumiNUS and login with your NUSNET ID and Password
  2. Click on the Module that you wish to download the E-Reserves from and click on Module Details
  3. Click on Library Resources and you will be able to download your articles and/or book chapters

Your NUSNET ID & Password also allows you to access the many E-Resources that NUS Libraries subscribes to.

Here is how you can access our E-Resources:

  1. Head to the Library Portal and do a search in the FindMore Tab
  2. Click on the electronic resource you want to access and you will be asked to login with your NUSNET ID & Password. Please make sure you are using the the correct domain (Student - NUSSTU)


  1. Key in your NUSNET ID & Password and you should be able to access the electronic resource.

To help you in your exam revision, the library has made NUS exam papers from the previous 5 years available online, at the library portal. Here is how you can access them:

  1. Head to the library portal and click on the Exam Papers Tab
  2. Search using the module code and key in your NUSNET ID and Password
  3. Select the relevant exam papers that you need. Do note that answers are not provided!

Why am I unable to download some Exam Papers?

There are NUS Departments who choose not to release exam papers of certain modules. As such, we are unable to host the exam papers online. However, do contact us if there are any other issues with the Exam Paper database.

NUS Wi-Fi Network:

Your NUSNET ID & Password also allows you to access the internet via the NUS wireless network on campus, including the premises of NUS Libraries. For help on how to set this up on iPad, iPhones, androids or laptops etc please refer to the  NUS Wireless Network configuration eguides offered by NUS Computer Centre. Signal strength may vary at different locations, for more assistance please contact NUS Computer Centre ITCare.


Your NUSNET ID & Password also allows you to access NUS Virtual Private Network(nVPN). It allows NUS staff and students to securely access NUS resources remotely from any internet source as if they were directly connected to the campus network.

NUS nVPN is required when you:

  • to access restricted services and resources on the University campus network.
  • if you need remote access to NUS systems or on-campus workstations (via Remote Desktop Protocol [RDP]).

Please refer to this E-Guide produced by NUS IT on how to install and use nVPN.


You can also book study facilities in the library using your NUSNET ID & Password:

  1. First, make sure that you are on campus using the NUS WiFi network or you are using NUS nVPN
  2. Next, head to the library portal and click Facilities Booking


  1. You should be able to access the Facilities Booking System and start booking spaces

Using your Student Card & Library PIN

As a NUS student, you are automatically a member of NUS Libraries. Here are the number of books you can borrow:


Your Loan Privileges
Undergraduate Student
Honours & Graduate Student
Main Shelves Book 20 books at any one time 30 books at any one time
RBR Book 2 books at any one time 2 books at any one time
Online Renewal 3 times 3 times
Your Loan Duration
Main Shelves Book 14 Days 28 Days
RBR Book 2 hours/ overnight 2 hours/ overnight

Please remember to return or renew your library books on time so that you do not get fined!

Checking your Library Account:

Once you have finish setting your library pin, you can use your student card number and your library pin to check your library account. Your library account provides you with the details of the books you borrowed and also any library fines that you may have incurred.

To check your library account:

  1. Head to the login page for your library account
  2. Key in your Student Card number and Library Pin


  1. You will be able to see the details of your library account

Renewing your books online:

You can renew your books online using your student card and your library pin.

To renew your books, please follow these steps:

1. First login to your library account and click on the Items currently checked out

2. Click on Items currently checked out to see the items you have borrowed.

3. You have the option to renew all or selected items that you have checked out. Click on RENEW ALL or mark the items you wish to renew and then click RENEW SELECTED ITEMS.

Make sure that the due date changes after you click on RENEW. If the date does not change, the renewal was not successful.

Your books will not be renewed if:

  1. Item is on hold for another Member.
  2. Item is overdue and carries a fine.
  3. Item has exceeded number of renewals allowed.
  4. Item is a journal or RBR material.
  5. Item has been recalled.     

Each successful renewal will extend the due date or period by your normal loan period (e.g 14 days for undergraduate) from the day you renewed the item.

Borrowing Books from the Loan Counter:

You can borrow books from the loan counter by using your Student Card:

  1. First, physically locate the book that you want
  2. Bring the book and your Student Card to the loan counter
  3. Inform the staff on duty that you would like to borrow the book and they will assist you
  4. Please check your NUS email for the receipt which will indicate when the book is due

Borrowing Books from the Self Check-out Machine:

You can also borrow books from the Self Check-out Machines that can be found in all NUS Libraries:

  1. First, physically locate the book you want
  2. Head to the Self Check-out Machine with your book and Student Card
  3. Follow the instructions on where to place the book and the Student Card, before keying in your Library PIN
  4. Once you have borrowed all the books you need, please check your NUS email for the receipt which will indicate when the books are due

How do I request for a Closed Stack Item/Put a Hold on a Item that is borrowed out:

There may be instances where you are trying to borrow an item that is in the Closed Stacks (a storage area only accessible to library staff) or an item that has been borrowed out.

You can place a request for the Closed Stack Item or put a hold on the borrowed item so that you will be next in line to use the item.

1) Once you have done your search in the library portal and located the item (hardcopy book or journal) that you need, check to see if the location states that it is in the Closed Stacks and the status of the item is Request Item or if the item has been borrowed out

2) If so, click on the orange Request button located at the top.

3) At the next page displayed, key in your Student Card Number and Library PIN. Click on SUBMIT.

4) A list of all the items (journal volumes or copies of books) is shown. Click on the item that you want to request. Click on REQUEST SELECTED ITEM at the end of the page.

To search for a specific volume, use EDIT on the browser menu bar to select FIND (ON THIS PAGE) and type the year or volume you want in the pop-up window FIND then click on NEXT.

Only one item can be selected at one time. To select another volume of the same journal:

Click on RETURN TO BROWSE and select another volume.

5) Once you have selected the item you want, click on REQUEST SELECTED ITEM at the end of the page.

6) When the item is ready for collection you will be informed via your NUS email. Please remember to pick up the item/s at the correct library and by the deadline stated in the email sent to you.

In the unfortunate event where you have incurred library fines, you can pay your library fines online without coming to the library.

To pay your library fines online:

  1. Please make sure that you returned all overdue book to the library first
  2. Login to your library account
  3. Click on Pay using NUSFastPay


  1. Login with your NUSNET ID and Password and follow the instructions for payment

Where can I...

Printing in the Library:

In each of the NUS Libraries, there is a photocopying and printing corner, where you can photocopy and print your materials using the computers provided.

However, you can also connect your laptop to the network printers in the library.

  1. To do so, please make sure that you are on the NUS Wi-Fi network.
  2. Follow these instructions to configure your laptop to connect to the printers
  3. Once you can connected your laptop to the printers, you can start printing. Please remember to head to the print release station to pay and collect your print outs.

Printing in NUS:

There are also printers that you can use that are situated in NUS but outside of the library.

These printing stations are located at:

  1. Yusof Ishak House (YIH)
  2. AS8 Level 2
  3. U-Town PC and Mac Commons

Please do take note of the opening hours of these printing stations.

Study Spaces in the Library:

All NUS Libraries have study spaces for you to do your revision. There is free air-conditioning, power and WiFi for you to be productive.

Please remember to check the Library's opening hours to not be disappointed.

24-Hour Study Spaces:

There are also 24-hour study spaces in NUS where you do your revision and work with air-conditioning, WiFi and power.

Do note that these spaces are only for current NUS Staff and Students and you will need to bring your NUS Student Card to enter

These spaces are:

  1. The 24-hour Reading Area in the Medical Library
  2. Angsana Room outside the CJ Koh Law Library
  3. U-Town PC & Mac Commons