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Chinese Linguistics 汉语语言学: CL3282 Reading List 传播媒介翻译参考书目

A guide to resources in Chinese Linguistics.

CL3282 Mass Media Translation Reading List 传播媒介翻译参考书目 (AY2014/2015, Semester 1)

请以IVLE里的“CL3282 传播媒介翻译”课程大纲为准。
如是闭架书目(Closed-stack books),请网上预借。

有关此门课的RBR阅读书目,请浏览图书馆综合目录: LINC > RBR > Course Number > CL3282

Recommended Reading 指定参考书:
1. AP (2013): Associated Press Stylebook, 48th Edition.  New York: The Associated Press. 

2. 刘其中(2009)《汉英新闻编译》,北京:清华大学出版社。

3. 郑宝璇,《传媒翻译》。香港:香港城市大学出版社,2004。

Supplementary Reading 推荐参考书:

1. Bielsa, Esperance and Susan Bassnett (2009)  Translation in Global News. London and New York:  Routledge.
2. Delabastita, Dirk (1995) ‘Translation and Mass Communication.’ In Chan, Sin-wai & David E. Pollard (eds.), An Encyclopaedia of Translation. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 639-50.
3. Ho, Wai-kit (1995) ‘Media Translation.’ In Chan, Sin-wai& David E. Pollard (eds.), An Encyclopaedia of Translation. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 651-57.
4. Montgomery, Martin (2007).  The Discourse of Broadcast News: A Linguistic Approach.  London, New York: Routledge.

5. Torresi, Ira (2010). Translating Promotional and Advertising Texts. Manchester, Kinderhook., New York: St. Jerome Publishing.

6. 李德凤(2009)《新闻翻译-原则与方法》。香港,香港城市大学出版社,2009。
7. 王银泉(2009)《实用汉英电视新闻翻译》。武汉:武汉大学出版社。

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