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Diversity and Inclusion (Yale-NUS College): Women Experts - Directories


One aspect of diversity and inclusion is consulting and referencing a range of experts when researching, reporting, and writing. Recently, there have been a variety of popular and academic articles published that highlight the lack of women experts on conference panels and quoted in the media, as well as explorations into gender citation gaps.

The resources below are directories that can assist with identifying women experts in a variety of fields.

If you are a woman expert, many of these sites provide the option to submit your information so that you may be contacted as an expert.

This list is not comprehensive; there are numerous online directories of women experts in very specific fields. For example, see the list of resources on the blog Request a Woman Scientist.

If you need help locating these directories, or an expert, ask a librarian!

This article was inspired by the article “Yes, Women Also Know: Online Resources Identify and Highlight Women Experts” published in The Scholarly Kitchen blog.