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EG5911R Information Literacy Skills for Research (Engineering): Access


How do you access the full-text of journal articles that are within/outside the NUS Libraries' subscription?


To get full-text in electronic format, click on Find It!@NUS Libraries button.

You can also access full-text after setting up the library link in Google Scholar, the Find It!@NUS Libraries button will be displayed. A Google Scholar search: Check out the tips and tricks here.

To understand more details about Find It!@NUS Libraries, refer to Get Articles with Find It! @ NUS Libraries.

Proxy Bookmarklet is a bookmark that inserts the NUS Libraries proxy stem into the URL of an article link in your browser to allow access to full-text of journal articles that are within the NUS Libraries' subscription.

To install Proxy Bookmarklet, please refer to Proxy Bookmarklet Guide.

For example, if you want to access this book chapter and it requires you to pay:

Apply Proxy Bookmarklet to access full-text of this book chapter.  If it is within the NUS Libraries' subscription, you would be able to access the full-text:

You can also get full-text from printed sources, e.g. printed books, journals, etc. These are located in various collections in NUS Libraries, e.g. Bound Journals, Closed Stacks, etc.

From FindMore@NUSL (see Screen 1), you could borrow a book from the shelves (see Screen 2) or request a Closed Stacks item (see Screen 3):

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

If an article/paper in a journal/book/conference proceeding you need is not available in NUS Libraries’ collection, you can request for them through the e-Form.

To find out more about DDS, refer to Document Delivery Service (DDS).