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Finding theses: NUS Theses (Print)

Shows you how to locate & obtain a thesis in NUS Libraries.

By Dept/Faculty/School

The print copies of honours academic exercises, masters theses and PhD dissertations received from an NUS department, faculty and school have been assigned unique call numbers e.g. HF345 Business; HM15 - Sociology; JA36 - Political Sc; KE5009 - Law; QA76 - Computer Science; QC3 - Physics;  TA403 - Material Science; TJ7 - Mechanical Engineering;   TK7 - Electrical and Computer Engineering; RC39 - Medicine; RK24 - Dentistry; RS41 - Pharmacy.

More on Print Theses Call Numbers by Dept / Faculty / School.

Search theses by department / faculty / school

  1. Go to the Library portal, select the BOOKS & MEDIA tab.
  2. Enter the unique thesis call number assigned to a subject/department, followed by the year in which it was submitted e.g. JA36 2017 (JA36 is the call no for Political Science). More on theses call nos.
  3. Limit the fields to be searched by - Call number; and by location - Theses (NUS Collection)


At the results page, click on the call number of the required thesis to view full catalogue record. 

  1. At the full record, select Request to have the item retrieved from the Closed Stacks:

More on Closed Stack items.

Search NUS Theses (Print) by Topic

  1. At the Library portal, select the BOOKS & MEDIA tab.
  2. Enter keywords that best describe your topic for example e.g. youth volunt*, limiting the fields to be searched by Keywords and by (location) Theses (NUS Collection) as shown below:

Search hints: 

  1. Use the * (asterisk) sign to retrieve variant forms of the root word "volunt". This would retrieve variant words including volunteering, voluntarism, voluntarily, etc. 
  2. The Boolean operator AND is automatically subsumed between the two keywords (youth AND volunt*).

From 2018- , undergraduate theses will be available via our institutional repository ScholarBank@NUS. Click on the image below to access Bachelor's Theses (also known as honours year academic exercises) via ScholarBank@NUS.