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Global Studies: Home

Resources for the Global Studies programme offered by NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

FASS Research Workshop - 6th August 2019

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"Globalisation calls for a way of understanding contemporary issues that goes beyond the boundaries of any single discipline. Global Studies is a new, multidisciplinary field of inquiry that examines the processes and effects of globalisation across political, economic, social, and cultural domains around the world. The field builds on social science concepts and area studies expertise and focuses especially on problems of profound public policy significance". -- NUS  Global Studies Introduction.

NUS Libraries provide a wide range of resources that are essentially useful for researching various themes and topics relating to Global Studies. Students are encouraged to explore/search multidisciplinary and subject-specific databases for materials that are relevant to their research assignments, theses, dissertations, etc.

Library Tutorials
Most Library tutorials are either conducted during tutorial times or specially arranged by the Library.  You can check out PPT files for each library tutorial uploaded in the following subject LibGuides

Advisory session with your Resource Librarian
Contact a Humanities or Social Science resource librarian for help on searching for resources relating to your research topics and assignments.


FASS Research Workshops

Research Workshops

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