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Global Studies: Theses

Resources for the Global Studies programme offered by NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Search for...

  1. Go to the Library portal (
  2. Under the default search tab FindMore and enter the keywords e.g. water Singapore Malaysia. Use quotes ".."  if you wish to search for exact phrases:

  1. At the results list, go to the left panel and refine the results to "Dissertations/Thesis". Then limit the results to items kept in the Library Catalog:


  1. At the full record screen, select REQUEST:

NUS print theses are usually kept in the Closed Stacks. You will be notified to collect the required thesis from the Loans Desk.

As of 2018- , undergraduate theses will be available via ScholarBank@NUS

NUS Honours academic exercises/These/Dissertations received from the Dept of Global Stuides have been assigned  a unique call number JA36. This is followed by the year in which the work was submitted (e.g. 2015).

Go to the Library portal > select BOOKS & MEDIA > enter call number JA36 2015.  Limit the fields to be searched to (by) Call Number and (location) in Theses (NUS Collection) as shown below:

Go to list of Print theses call number by dept / faculty / school.

You can also search by topicentering keywords that best best describe your topic e.g. national security  as shown below:

Search hints: 

  • Use the * (asterisk) sign to retrieve variant forms of a root word foe  example, "secur*" The system will retrieve variant words including security, secured...
  • The Boolean operator AND is automatically subsumed between the two keywords i.e. "national AND security".

Electronic Theses: ScholarBank@NUS

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) submitted to NUS

ScholarBank@NUS is the institutional repository of the National University of Singapore. The primary goals are to collect, preserve and showcase the research output of NUS researchers and departments. ScholarBank@NUS increases the research visibility of our researchers' works and demonstrates NUS research excellence to the world. The Electronic Theses & Dissertations  (ETD) within ScholarBank@NUS contains electronic copies of NUS theses and dissertations from September 2003 onwards.

Refer to the instructions below to access ScholarBank via library portal.

ScholarBank Search Hints

Communities & Collections

Takes you through the communities in alphabetical order and allows you to see the sub-communities and collections within each community
Author Alphabetical list of all authors of items in ScholarBank
Title Alphabetical list of all titles of items in ScholarBank
Issue Date By default, all items in ScholarBank are sorted by descending issue date. You can also sort by issue date or jump to items of specific issue date.
Department Alphabetical list of all departments of items in ScholarBank
Document Type List of document types of items stored in ScholarBank


  1. Searches are not case sensitive. Searches for "engine" and "Engine" will retrieve the same hits.
  2. The search engine ignores certain words that occur frequently in English, but do not add value to the search. These include:
  • "a", "and" , "are" , "as", "at" , "be" , "but" , "by" , "for" , "if" , "in" , "into", "is" ,"it" ,"no" , "not" , "of" , "on" , "or" , "such", "the" , "to" , "was".
  1. The following Boolean search operators can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALISED.
AND Find items containing all words or phrases combined with this operator, e.g, cats AND dogs will retrieve all items that contain BOTH the words "cats" and "dogs"
OR Find items containing any of the words or phrases surrounding this operator cats OR dogs will retrieve all items that contain EITHER the words "cats" or "dogs"
NOT Exclude items containing the word following this operator, e.g. training NOT cat will retrieve all items that contain the word "training" EXCEPT those also containing the word "cat" 

Use an asterisk (*) after a word stem to get all hits having words starting with that root, for example, select* will retrieve selects, selector, selection, selections, selecting and so on.


To search multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks "  " around the phrase.