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Mendeley - Manage and Share your Research: Important Notice : Discontinuing Support

A quick guide on how to use Mendeley to keep track of your research, to quickly and easily cite while writing and how to share your research.

With Immediate Effect

With much regret, NUS Libraries will no longer support Mendeley by offering workshops on using this software. From our usage statistics and workshop attendance, we concluded that we are more effective in supporting two reference management software, i.e Endnote and Zotero, as these two softwares meet the needs of most NUS researchers, students and staff.

If you are new (or new-ish) to Mendeley, we recommend that you consider Zotero.

From 1 Sep 2022, Mendeley Desktop will no longer be available for download. New users of Mendeley can only download Mendeley Reference Manager. See this notification.

If you are an existing user of Mendeley, and using the privileges of the Institutional Edition (MIE), please see the box below.

Note that the plugin required for Mendeley to work with MS Word is blocked from Microsoft's Apps store in accordance to NUS IT Cloud Policy and Data Management Policy. If you use Mendeley to manage citations only, refer to the box below too.


Existing users of MIE

Mendeley Institutional Edition's privileges will continue until December 2022 when our subscription is up for renewal.

Please consider Mendeley's Premium Packages (payable) if you want to remain with Mendeley, and/or there are private groups that you want to retain because you are the owner of the private group(s). Do read the terms and conditions of use.


What happens after December 2022?

All accounts will revert to the free version of Mendeley where cloud storage space is limited, the number of private groups and number of collaborators is reduced considerably.

How do I export the content of my Mendeley Library out?

The easiest way is to select the entire Mendeley Library and export it as a .RIS file. Note that the PDFs will NOT be exported, only the citations. As the PDFs are in Mendeley cloud, you may have to download them manually.

Please refer to the two tabs : Moving from Mendeley to Endnote and Moving from Mendeley to Zotero


PS: The screencaps were done on Mendeley Desktop, so if you use Mendeley Reference Manager, it may look different.

Latest issues (usually technical)

There are two versions of Mendeley: Mendeley Desktop (currently in used by majority users) and Mendeley Reference Manager (in beta, and for people who opt-in). Please refer to the 'How Does It Work' box on this guide (from the Bodeilian Libraries in Oxford).

Users on MacOS

  • Mendeley Desktop is NOT compatible with Catalina OS, and Big Sur OS.
  • The 'plugin' for Mendeley Reference Manager to work with MS Word does not work with the NUS institutional MSOffice 365, as you do not have the authorisation to install add-ins.


Users on Windows OS

  • The 'plugin' for Mendeley Reference Manager to work with MS Word does not work with the NUS institutional MSOffice 365, as you do not have the authorisation to install add-ins.


Mendeley Support Center

Click to go to Mendeley's Support Center

Other Reference Managers


Zotero is a free bibliographic citation management software that allows you to save, collect, manage, cite, and share research sources. Zotero is available either as a Firefox extension or as standalone software that works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. It works right in your browser, making it easy to save you citations while you search.

Use the Zotero word processor plugins to easily cite your sources and create a bibliography while you work.

Note: While Zotero is a free software, the Zotero cloud storage has a limit of 300 mb. Anything more than 300 mb, you would have to pay for extra storage.

Click to learn more about Zotero!

EndNote is a software that:

  • stores and organizes references found from many sources
  • inserts these references into a Word document 
  • automatically formats your references according to a predefined citation style, and more! 

If you're new to EndNote, check out the Installation Instructions and Step by Step Guide.