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Mendeley - Manage and Share your Research: Installation

A quick guide on how to use Mendeley to keep track of your research, to quickly and easily cite while writing and how to share your research.

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Where and What Do I Download?

Mendeley has two version of the software, the first being Mendeley Web - an online version of the software and the other is Mendeley Desktop, which is a downloadable version of the Mendeley software.

Mendeley Desktop supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS devices. To download Mendeley Desktop, please click on the appropriate version for your device:

You can follow the instructions below on how to install and configure Mendeley for your own devices.


Signing up for Mendeley and installing Mendeley

Step 1: Sign up for a Mendeley account

Sign up for Mendeley by visiting this link. The Mendeley account that you signed up for will be used to sync all your devices that have Mendeley installed on it. You will be required to login the Mendeley account to use Mendeley. We recommend that you use your NUS Email when you sign up for Mendeley.

You can choose to create an account or you could use Facebook to create an account



Step 2: Installing Mendeley Desktop

Once you have created an Mendeley account, download the appropiate Mendeley Desktop for your device:

Installing Mendeley Web Importer

Mendeley has the ability to import citations and PDFs of online journal articles directly from your web browser, however you would need to install the Mendeley Web Importer.

Mendeley Web Importer works for most browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox).

You can download and install the Mendeley Web Importer by heading to and following the instructions for your desired internet browser.



Take note that the Mendeley Web Importer only works for certain online databases.

Installing Microsoft Word Plugin

In order for Mendeley to be able to insert citations and bibliography, you will need to first install the MS Word Plugin

1) Open Mendeley Standalone and select tools at the top

2) Click on Install MS Word Plugin and follow the instructions

To check if the plugin, open Microsoft Word and check if the Mendeley insert reference button is installed properly.

For Windows Microsoft Word 2010/2016 and Mac Word 2016, click on References and the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic should be installed:


For Mac Word 2011, check that the Mendeley Tool bar is installed by clicking on View then Toolbars and ensure that Mendeley Toolbar is checked


Once checked, the Mendeley toolbar will appear on your Microsoft Word