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NM2303 Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact from Fiction: Home


The purpose of this LibGuide is to share with you the different tools for evaluating fake news. The LibGuide also contains articles on fake news around the world. If you need more help, please contact the librarians on the rightmost columns. :)

Library Tutorial AY19/20

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This is an example of a fake egg. See the skin inside, it is made of paper. It is not the same as the normal chicken egg skin. Tear it, the skin of the chicken egg has never been like this. It can be torn apart like a piece of tissue paper. This was bought at Tesco Ampang; [the eggs] are on sale right now. 10 eggs for RM9. You can even pick up the egg yolk without it breaking. The yellow of the yolk is also different. ... It does not even have the smell of eggs. Look here, I can pick it up. Where can you find an egg yolk that doesn't break. Oh, it broke because I dropped it. [We have] to complain at Tesco Ampang. Don't buy the eggs that are found at the frozen food area.

Spot the difference
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SingHealth was the target of a massive cyberattack on July 20, affecting more than 1.5 million patients. 

Do you think this notification below is genuine? Fact check this image.

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