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NM2303 Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact from Fiction: Images & Videos

What is it?

Images are sometimes used online as 'evidence' of a claim because of the age-old adage, 'seeing is believing'. How real are these images? With image-editing apps widely available, how are we to know whether these images have been doctored? If there is only 1 such instance of the image, does it mean it is real?

Chrome Reverse Image Search

Violin Island, does it exist as the picture in this link purports to?

What can you do?

Try Reverse Image Search on Google Chrome to see if there are other instances of this image and if they are from more reputable sources.


Check the links of websites who have the same image.


If you're not convinced, you can try changing the search terms.

Metadata Check


There is a cat who goes by the name of Snowball. He is a giant cat. Is he?

What can you do?

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Upload an image file or insert an image URL. 

Click on the links to explore the different websites that have this image. Are they disputing the authenticity of the image?


Filters on TinEye

  • Best match – image with the most identical fingerprint to the image used to search
  • Most changed – the most heavily edited image result
  • Biggest image – creators are likely to upload the biggest resolution of their image 
  • Show only the 1 result found in collections – may get the original Stock Photo


Advanced Photo Forensics

Use FotoForensics or Forensically (Note: This will only work if you have the ORIGINAL doctored image)

Some things to note:

  • Will be more effective with the ORIGINAL doctored image - with the proliferation on the Internet, may be a little difficult
  • Needs a keen eye to spot differences
  • Needs knowledge of photograph metadata
  • Not foolproof
  • There may be instances where errors can go undetected
For more information, read this article: