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NM2303 Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact from Fiction: What is Fake News?

To fake or not to fake

What is fake news?

Fake news come in a variety of forms.

As the Webopedia has defined it,

Fake news, or hoax news, refers to false information or propaganda published under the guise of being authentic news. Fake news websites and channels push their fake news content in an attempt to mislead consumers of the content and spread misinformation via social networks and word-of-mouth. 

Below, you will find various writings on the topic of fake news.

Most of the news articles are provided through the NUS-subscribed LexisNexis Academic - just click on the link and log in using your NUSNET ID to access these e-resources.


Local news articles on Fake News

Here are some news articles about fake news written in Singapore's context.

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