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Research Skills for Effective Communication Management: Company Information

Company information - The Internet and Library resources

There are many sources of information for getting to know a company better. You can find such information on the World Wide Web and also our library resources. Below, you can find out how to get to know a company through its annual reports as well as through public documents available on the Singapore Exchange website.

Annual Reports | SGX Website

Annual reports - Where can I find them?

  • Search the company website for first-hand information on the company. 
  • Read their annual reports carefully for company issues.
  • E.g. SMRT (see below)

smrt annual report

One way to get company reports without having to navigate the company's website is to add a search term in the search box.


<company name> annual report filetype:pdf
E.g. smrt annual report filetype:pdf



The library also indexes copies of annual reports by companies in Singapore. Some are available online and some are in print. 

To search for annual reports using our library catalogue:

  1. Click on the Books & Media tab in the library website
  2. Type in <company name> annual report (see example below)

Books & media tab

ABI/Inform Collection by ProQuest is an excellent source to search for annual reports, company profiles as well as company SWOT analyses.

Here's how to search ABI/Inform Collection:

1. Go to NUS Libraries portal. Under the search library box, click on the databases tab and search for 'ABI/Inform'.

2. At their database, search for the company and your required type of report in their basic search box, e.g. 'smrt annual report'.

3. At the results page, click on 'Full text - PDF' to access the article required. You may use the refinement tools on the left to narrow your results by 'Source Type', 'Publication Date', or 'Document Type'. Refining by 'document type' will allow you to sort between annual reports, company profile, industry reports etc.

SGX - Singapore Exchange

The Singapore Exchange website (SGX) contains a wealth of information on companies which are listed on the Singapore Exchange. 

Click on the other tabs to find out the information you can get from the SGX website about these listed companies.

You are able to search for stock information about various companies in the Singapore Stock Market by following the steps below.

1. click on the 'Company Information' and choose 'StockFacts'

2. You can search by company name, or by stock codes. Advanced searching is also available by using their stock information screener or alpha factors. In this example, we searched by using the company name 'Singapore Airlines'.


3. Click on the name of the company you are interested in from the search results.


4. In the company stock facts, you will be able to see their profile, financials and stock estimates. You will also be able to look at related news articles under the 'In the News' column.


5. On the same StockFacts page, scroll down to find more information about the company, their current contact information and company website.

To find out more about other available features, check out their User Guide.

You can also search for company announcements. Do note that these announcements are only available up to the last 5 years.

company announcements

From their FAQ, company announcements are defined as "formal and public statements made by companies for mass distribution" and they typically include announcements on financial statements and annual general meetings.

1. Below are the search fields available. We recommend searching by 'Company Name'.

search fields

2. Limit the 'Announcement Period' as desired and the 'Announcement Category' as 'Announcements'. The example below uses Singapore Airlines as an example. 

search for Singapore Airlines

To find out more about the 'Company Announcements' section, refer to their FAQ titled 'Accessing the new Company Announcements Page'.

You can also search for annual reports through the SGX website.

1. Under the tab 'Company Information', click on 'Annual / Financial Reports'


2. On the search page, you are able to search for the specific type of report from specific reporting periods. First, choose the company you are interested in, then select the reporting period. Then, choose the report type you are interested in. Depending on availability, you may be able to browse the company's annual report, sustainability report or disclosure statement etc.