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Research Skills for Effective Communication Management: News Articles

Searching for News Articles

Factiva is an excellent source to search for news articles. Factiva covers print newspapers as well as web news. Coverage for blogs is not as strong though.

Here's how to search Factiva:

1. Go to NUS Libraries portal.

2. Search the library catalogue for Factiva.

3. Enter the company name in the search box (we recommend that you use quotation marks, e.g. "smrt corp"). Set the Date range as desired.


4. Publications refers to print newspapers, Web news refers to online newspapers. Note that Factiva covers print newspapers and Web news well, but not blogs. For blogs, you would need to use other tools.


If you need to edit your search statement at this point, click on Modify Search button.


Using Filters

Librarian's Recommendation: If your search results is about 100 articles, I would recommend that you browse through the list and tick whatever is relevant and save the records. Browsing through the list is still a more thorough job than using the filters.

However, the filters have their own usefulness, so this section will briefly show you how to use these filters especially if you are tracking certain dimensions, such as Competition, or the Sources.

1. On the left of the screen is the Discovery Pane. Make use of the filters in the Discovery Pane to narrow down and get more precise search results.


2. If you have selected filters, always check the top part of the screen so that you know what you have exactly searched.

3. To remove a selected filter, click on the white triangle next to it. Then click on Remove.


4. You can also filter by Keywords. These are keywords which are mentioned in the search results.

How to export your results from Factiva

1. Select the articles you'll like to export by checking against them.


2. Use either of the options highlighted in yellow below: print; save the files or export as RTF/PDF format.

We recommend you to save the articles to a file as it is more straightforward, rather than to email the articles..Click on the diskette icon, and select "Article Format".