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Research Skills for Effective Communication Management: Search Tips


To make effective search statements, follow the tips below!

You can try out the search tips game here:

Boolean Operator: AND

Boolean Operator: OR

Boolean Operator: NOT

Truncation, Phrase Search, Search Term Grouping


The symbol to use for truncation is the asterisk *. Truncation will retrieve the variant forms of a word & the variant spelling


colo*r = colour, color

politic* = politics, politically, political…

Phrase Search

The symbol to use for phrase search is quotation marks " " .


"rail network" , "Saw Phaik Hwa"

Search Term Grouping

Use parentheses (  ) for grouping similar or related words


SMRT AND disruption AND (train OR railway)

How to create search statement

To form a search statement, we can combine boolean operators with keywords.

For our class example, let's look at the issue of - Train disruption. Synonyms can act as keywords when forming a search statement. For example:

train disruption
transport breakdown
rail network failure


A possible search statement we can use for this class example is: 

SMRT AND transport AND (disruption* OR breakdown*)