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NUS Elements: Depositing Full-text or File

A guide to NUS Elements system


Depositing the full text/file in Elements will automatically send the full text/file over to ScholarBank@NUS. ScholarBank@NUS is the open access institutional repository of NUS. It serves to collect, preserve and showcase the research output of NUS researchers in order to support NUS researchers in increasing their research visibility, and to demonstrate the research excellence of NUS to the world.

Depositing your works to ScholarBank@NUS via NUS Elements

Please ensure that your publications have been claimed before initiating the deposit.

Step 1: Find a publication that you would like to initiate a deposit for

  • NUS Elements will list claimed publications that are published from 1 Jan 2016 onwards as those that are awaiting for deposit. In "My Actions", click on "View" in "Deposit Publications".


  • You can also deposit full text for older publications. To do that, go to “Menu” > “Publications”. 

Search for the publication you would like to initiate a deposit for by entering the title at the search box.


Step 2: Initiate deposit

  • At the publication record you would like to initiate a deposit for, click on the “Deposit” button 

Step 3: Upload full text

  • You will be redirected to the “Deposit” page. At this page, refer to the “SHERPA RoMEO advice” tab to find out which appropriate version of the publication can be deposited.

For example, both the "Accepted" and “Submitted” version of this journal article can be deposited to our institutional repository. There is no need to deposit all versions. Where there is no version restriction, we would prefer the "Published" version over the "Accepted" version over the "Submitted" version. In this example, we prefer the “Accepted” version of this journal article for deposit.

  • Subsequently, choose the appropriate file to be uploaded, select the appropriate “File version” and click on “Use this file



  • Please visit this FAQ to learn more about different publication versions, such as: submitted or accepted.
  • The “SHERPA RoMEO” advice tab is not available if RoMEO does not cover this journal. In this case, please deposit the preprint/submitted version.
  • If NUS Elements is able to find the full text of the publication from free full text sources, such as arXiv or Europe PubMed Central, then the file will be presented as an option for upload.  Ensure the version of publication can be deposited by referring to the “SHERPA RoMEO advice” tab. Subsequently, proceed to select the appropriate “File version”, and click on “Use this file”.



Step 4: Upload additional files and add additional information

  • You have the option to upload additional files (i.e. other supporting document).


  • Add additional information:
    • If SHERPA RoMEO advice allows for the deposit but only after an embargo period (e.g. 12 months), please check the embargo option and choose the specified duration. Your full text/file will be deposited to ScholarBank@NUS but will only be made available to the public after the specified embargo period.
    • If you still hold the copyrights to your works, it is important to specify how you would like your work to be reused. Specify the re-use license from the dropdown menu. Please refer to FAQ for more information on which license to select.

Lastly, click on “Deposit”.


  • You should get to a page indicating your deposit was successful. Your submission will then be reviewed by the ScholarBank@NUS team. This process typically takes 2-3 working days. For more details, refer to What happens next.


  • Should you encounter error in the deposit, you can retry the deposit again.
  • Deposited full text/files cannot be deleted via NUS Elements. Please contact ScholarBank@NUS team for assistance.


It is possible to add more files after you have completed your initial deposit. This is known as a redeposit in Elements.

The process is similar to the initial deposit except that there will be no options to specify embargo periods and reuse license. Deposited files will be non-clickable and shown with an (Embargoed) text and are subject to review by the ScholarBank@NUS team. After verification of appropriate version by the ScholarBank@NUS team, the deposited file will be made clickable and the (Embargoed) text cleared.

Deposited full text/files cannot be removed in NUS Elements. Please contact ScholarBank@NUS team for assistance.

Step 1: Find the publication

  • Search for the publication by entering the title at the search box in “My publications”. Click on the “View” icon in "Deposit" tab.

Step 2: Upload additional file

  • You will be redirected to the “Redeposit” page. Upload your additional file, select the relevant “File version”.


  • Finish by clicking “Redeposit”.

Your submission will be reviewed by the ScholarBank@NUS team. This process typically takes 2-3 working days.

Once it has been approved, the deposit status will change from “Deposited (not live)” to “Live”. The URL to the deposited file will then be available.


If the status does not change 2 working days after submission, you may also use the following method to update the status.

  • Find the relevant publication, and click on the "Refresh" icon in “Deposit” tab

  • This will generally trigger a change shortly, and after a few seconds, the status should get updated.

If you have made a deposit and need to submit a weblink in your report as part of funder’s requirements, follow the steps here to locate the weblink.

In My Publications, search for your publication and double click on the article title. Scroll down to the section on “Data Sources” and expand the data source named ScholarBank. The weblink is available under the field Public URL. This is the URL to the item record page in ScholarBank@NUS and is the URL you should provide to your funder.


Past Event

Grantor's Guidelines on Publication and Acknowledgement eBriefing (May 2020)

The Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology) and NUS Libraries conducted online briefings from 27 to 29 May 2020 to share the agencies’ publication requirements. The sessions included online demonstrations of NUS Elements and a quick guide on how to determine the copyright and deposit the appropriate publication versions.


For more information on how to check copyright and deposit in NUS Elements, refer to this Sway.

Contact us

Please contact NUS Research Publications ( if you encounter any issues.

If you are interested to deposit your full text, files or research datasets to ScholarBank@NUS, please contact