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Scholarly publishing: Home


Welcome to our publishing guide!

The goal of this guide is to provide authors and researchers with selected resources that are essential for the publishing process - including complying with research regulations, academic writing, selecting journals to publish, evaluating journals, and understanding your rights as an author. 

Recommended resources

Training for early-career researchers

Search engines for preprints or emerging research

Author identities

Research protocols, workflows or reporting


Looking for journal finders? Please see Journal selection page. 

Looking for journal evaluation checklists? Please see Journal evaluation page. 

Trending articles on publishing

Below are some recent publications or articles that discuss pertinent issues in scholarly publishing. I will be updating this list on a regular basis. Do check back for new content

Contact us

NUS Libraries provide advisories on publishing matters, curate and organise talks related to academic publishing, open access and research visibility. 

If you would like to request for an advisory on publishing matters, or to partner with us in conducting publishing workshops, please contact the library's Digital Scholarly Communications Department.  

Glossary of key terms

Preprint is the draft of the manuscript before formal peer-review, or the first version sent to the journal for consideration.

Postprint is the version of the manuscript after formal peer-review but before being type-set by the publisher. 

Published PDF is the version of the manuscript published in a journal with the journal's type-set and branding.

Open access means "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions" (Suber, 2012).

Blacklist is a directory of journals known or highly suspected to be untrustworthy

Whitelist is a listing of journals confirmed to be trustworthy.

Straw poll (AY2019/2020)

Springer Nature journals have updated their policy to encourage preprint sharing. They also support the citation of preprints in reference lists of submitted and published manuscripts. More information can be found here

Would you publish preprints?
Yes: 4 votes (44.44%)
Maybe: 2 votes (22.22%)
No: 3 votes (33.33%)
Total Votes: 9