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Scholarly publishing: Archive and preserve

About ScholarBank@NUS

ScholarBank@NUS is the digital institutional repository (IR) of the National University of Singapore (NUS). Its goals are to collect, archive, preserve, showcase and provide online access to the research output of NUS to the world, and through this, maximise the research visibility, usage and impact of NUS researchers' works and demonstrate the University's research excellence.

ScholarBank@NUS contains a range of scholarly works with different levels of access but its primary objective is to facilitate open access to the University's research publications and data underpinning published research findings. The repository also serves as a provision for NUS researchers to adhere to and fulfil open access mandates imposed by funding agencies. Content in the repository will remain accessible in perpetuity.

To see our policies and guidelines regarding submission of your scholarly work, please see here.

If you have any queries about the institutional repository, please contact the ScholarBank@NUS team.