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The guide for students in degree programmes offered by NUS School of Continuing & Lifelong Learning (SCALE).

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Your Library Entitlement

As a NUS student, you are automatically a member of NUS Libraries. Here are the number of books you can borrow:


Your Loan Privileges
Undergraduate Student
Honours & Graduate Student
Main Shelves Book 20 books at any one time 30 books at any one time
RBR Book 2 books at any one time 2 books at any one time
Online Renewal 3 times 3 times
Your Loan Duration
Main Shelves Book 14 Days 28 Days
RBR Book 2 hours/ overnight 2 hours/ overnight

Please remember to return or renew your library books on time so that you do not get fined!

Checking your Library Account:

Once you have finish setting your library pin, you can use your student card number and your library pin to check your library account. Your library account provides you with the details of the books you borrowed and also any library fines that you may have incurred.

To check your library account:

  1. Head to the login page for your library account
  2. Key in your Student Card number and Library Pin


  1. You will be able to see the details of your library account

Renewing your books online:

You can renew your books online using your student card and your library pin.

To renew your books, please follow these steps:

1. First login to your library account and click on the Items currently checked out

2. Click on Items currently checked out to see the items you have borrowed.

3. You have the option to renew all or selected items that you have checked out. Click on RENEW ALL or mark the items you wish to renew and then click RENEW SELECTED ITEMS.

Make sure that the due date changes after you click on RENEW. If the date does not change, the renewal was not successful.

Your books will not be renewed if:

  1. Item is on hold for another Member.
  2. Item is overdue and carries a fine.
  3. Item has exceeded number of renewals allowed.
  4. Item is a journal or RBR material.
  5. Item has been recalled.     

Each successful renewal will extend the due date or period by your normal loan period (e.g 14 days for undergraduate) from the day you renewed the item.

Borrowing Books from the Loan Counter:

You can borrow books from the loan counter by using your Student Card:

  1. First, physically locate the book that you want
  2. Bring the book and your Student Card to the loan counter
  3. Inform the staff on duty that you would like to borrow the book and they will assist you
  4. Please check your NUS email for the receipt which will indicate when the book is due

Borrowing Books from the Self Check-out Machine:

You can also borrow books from the Self Check-out Machines that can be found in all NUS Libraries:

  1. First, physically locate the book you want
  2. Head to the Self Check-out Machine with your book and Student Card
  3. Follow the instructions on where to place the book and the Student Card, before keying in your Library PIN
  4. Once you have borrowed all the books you need, please check your NUS email for the receipt which will indicate when the books are due

In the unfortunate event where you have incurred library fines, you can pay your library fines online without coming to the library.

To pay your library fines online:

  1. Please make sure that you returned all overdue book to the library first
  2. Login to your library account
  3. Click on Pay using NUSFastPay


  1. Login with your NUSNET ID and Password and follow the instructions for payment